I am quite convinced that direction of wireless technology is shaped by a small set of principles. This blog is my perspective on how those principles are at work to determine the future of technology and in turn how we use it.


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  1. Manoj Das says:

    Any specific business case you visualize “how AT&T will use the FLO TV spectrum if it buys from QComm? As the name says its Forward Link Only, the FCC might expect this to be used as a broadcast channel. How ATT can leverage this, use in the X2 interface of LTE ? or signalling off load? or M2M forward link and up link through cellular network?
    Any other technical~business justification?

    • wirelesse2e says:


      AT&T already owns a large chunk of the lower 700-MHz band. They bought a lot of B-block (chan. 53) in 2008 auction. I believe in the same year they bought Aloha Partners that owned substantial part of C-block (chan. 54). Now they are after D-block (chan. 55) that has a 50 KW transmit power. This will eliminate any risk of interference to their enodeBs in chan. 54 as well as probably motivate Echo Star (Frontier Wireless) to sell their E-block (chan. 56) to AT&T as well. While this is taking place, AT&T can influence 3GPP to update 36.101 to include 716-728 MHz as TDD-LTE. Obviously this is a series of if-statements and may not be very likely.

      However, I am quite convinced they will not use such low frequency (limited) spectrum for backhaul or even as some suggest yet another stab at broadcast video. For backhaul this spectrum is too valuable and too narrow. For broadcast video; as Nicholas Negroponte said once upon a time (I am paraphrasing); using wireless for broadcasting TV signals while using wires for voice telephony was a lopsided idea of 1900s and it should be abandoned. For those who are interested in video streaming, there are many over the top options including multicasting as opposed to using specialized receivers. Terminal complexity requirements render solutions like E-MBMS more competitive compared to FLO, DVB-H, etc. In 3GPP release 8, Integrated Mobile Broadcast (IMB) was introduced. Idea is to have terminals using an overlay TDD network for MBMS while being attached to the FDD network. I think that is perfectly plausible as an application for D and E blocks.

      Thanks for your questions/comments,

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