Migrating to a Content Management System Running over Cloud Services

After having a website for over 6 months I have decided to do two migrations I was hoping to do for some time:

  • Migrating to a self-hosted WordPress implementation
  • Migrating to a cloud service

There are significant benefits for running my own WordPress instance:

  • I now have the ability to combine my website with my blog, no more two separate identities
  • I can monitor the details of traffic profile targeting my website and my blog using Google Analytics
  • I can add multiple plug-ins that are available as opposed to what is being selected by WordPress

Similarly running the WordPress instance over a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings significant benefits:

  • Standardized set of tools to manage the services
  • Ability to scale as demand grows
  • Low price of entry, especially to start with it is pretty much free

Innovation in web technologies in the last 17-18 years has been spectacular. Today anyone with some small amount of aptitude in technology can design and deploy a decent looking website in an afternoon without spending any money. Better yet she can manage and monitor its performance, develop campaigns, monitor take rates and change content based on the adoption and feedback from users. I am not sure if it exists but a Moore’s Law type postulate about the cost for implementing web services must be showing a very rapid price/functionality depreciation in the last 17+ years since the introduction of Netscape. As a matter of fact since we are already at “zero-cost” for amazing level of functionality, it is hard to imagine what would be next.

Obviously biggest reasons for this spectacular improvement in price/performance are:

  • Major improvements in computing platform performance that allows more complex software to be developed and maintained
  • Orders of magnitude higher bandwidth and storage that allows and encourages sharing programming tools and environments more easily
  • Success of open software that has equalized the world for those who don’t have the means to pay for rich capability sets

Thanks to this success, especially since the advent of smartphones the concept of “over-the-top” defines a significant portion of innovation within the wireless marketplace. That’s why we have companies like FourSquare, Twitter, Facebook innovating on top of the expanding wireless networks as opposed to mobile operators. Dominance of over-the-top is primarily due to the brute-force of having so many different companies chasing to deliver very similar functionality. On the other hand constraints such as limited spectrum resources, high capital requirements for large geographical coverage, need for retail presence, customer support expectations limit the level of competition in wireless service provider field. With more consolidation being planned, wireless services industry seems to be heading for:

  • Operators vacating the services field to over-the-top providers (to become dreaded pipes)
  • Terminal device manufacturers trying to substitute over-the-top providers (strategies such as Apple’s MobileMe, HTC’s Sense, Motorola’s Blur, etc.)
  • Over-the-top providers trying to get into terminal device business (so far unsuccessfully, such as Google with Nexus)

Please visit us at the updated website: http://www.wirelesse2e.com. Copies of old articles can be found on the website along with our future posts. I will retire this site before the end of May as long as running WordPress over AWS is as smooth as WordPress cloud.

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