Welcome to Wireless End-to-end

This is the first blog I will be posting for Wireless End-to-end. First about the name: Using wireless interface(s) is the fundamental characteristics of the mobile communications industry. Even though mobility is possible for devices with interfaces that depend on a “wire”, for example for nomadic store-and-view devices, real-time communication and mobility require at least one wireless interface.

End-to-end is the recognition of the need for sifting through all the components between a user terminal and another or a web server or an application platform to identify the best solution to challenges facing the mobile communications industry. It is another way of saying “total solutions are needed” as opposed to building another gadget or another box at a time.

We believe that mobile communications industry is shaped by three fundamental basic premises:

Next blog will be to explain how Claude Shannon’s communications theory is influencing the state-of-the-art for mobile communications industry.

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